Monday 20 August 2012

What the ****! 18 August 2012

Just setting up the moth trap when this comes over the house at just above roof top level, blotting out the light and setting the neighbourhood dogs barking. I must say I am really impressed by these Robinson moth traps. They say they are the best and I have to agree. Not only do they attract a host of moths but helicopters and now hot air balloons. It will be the Red Arrows next .The balloon was so low that some joker in the basket shouted down a drinks order to my wife in the garden - 2 lagers and a packet of cheese and onion crisps! She told him to chuck down a tenner and she would see what she could do. They landed in the field just behind the house. Some new moths caught later that night were Magpie; Chinese Character; Canary-shouldered Thorn; Green Carpet and the dark form of Coxcomb Prominent.Nothing rare or unusual but nice to see them close up.The moths that is!

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