Sunday 5 August 2012

Moth Olympics 04/05 August 2012

                                                       Poplar Hawkmoths
                                           note how the one on the left is very worn

Along with countless millions I watched the TV yesterday evening enthralled as Team GB finally 'brought home the bacon' with three Gold medals in the Olympic Arena. After watching all the celebrations, interviews and endless analysis  it was almost midnight before I stirred from the couch. Inspired by the athletes efforts and with a surge of optimism I decided to expend a little energy of my own by setting up the moth trap in a corner of the garden. Better late than never. The light glowed pink, then white and finally as it got into its stride illuminated a disturbingly large area of my end of the village. I had earlier pre-warned my neighbour about what was going on and not to panic although suggesting maybe some blackout curtains would be handy. Doubly inspired by the athletes I also resolved to go for an early morning run the next day which handily meant I would be able to retrieve the moth trap first thing from the predicted rain and deal with the occupants on my return without disturbing my wife. I am new to moth trapping and unashamedly get great delight from the simple pleasure of looking in the trap to see what has been caught. Hawkmoths always give me a huge amount of pleasure and I struck gold three times this morning with a trio of Poplar Hawkmoths. Alright so they are common but I have only seen one once before in my garden when I trapped one a few weeks ago so I was delighted to see three of them together.
Other contestants found in the trap this morning were as follows:
Scalloped Oak; Dark Arches; Large Yellow Underwing; Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing; Common Footman; Pale Prominent; Common Rustic; Lesser Common Rustic; Common Carpet; Mullein Wave and Marbled Beauty

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