Sunday 29 July 2012

Pestilential Parrots - Really? 29 July 2012

Rose Ringed Parakeets are noisy, exotic, beautiful but non native to the UK and their population is now burgeoning in the southern counties of England. They form huge roosts which in themselves are a sight and experience that in my opinion is well worth visiting.Yet now there are rumours that the RSPB are intimating that they should be controlled i.e culled as their large numbers impact on our native birds.The hired guns of DEFRA cannot be allowed to go silent now there are no Ruddy Ducks left!  

I do hope the rumours are untrue although after the RSPB's public relations debacle of the Ruddy Duck cull I have my doubts. I would suggest that the RSPB might like to consider what the release each year of 40 million non-native Common Pheasants may be having on our native bird species. However Common Pheasants are an industry that equals money, privilege and have Royal patronage and in this land of inequality that seems to stand for everything these days and please don't get me started on Canada Geese!

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  1. Hi Ewen,
    I'm afraid I have to disagree on this one. My Mother's house is in West London si I see a lot of the RNP and I can say they are a pain. Exotic and interesting initially and then the screeching becomes annoying. I and others from the area believe they do have a detrimental effect on othe hole nesting birds. I was against the Ruddy Duck cull but would support this one. The Pheasnts are indeed the product of an industry but it is one that has a positive effect on the countryside. Many copses and hedgerows are planted for cover and every year many cover belts of seed bearing plants are laid down. All of these are a lifeline for farmland birds. And Canada Geese? you just have to look where you are treading.