Monday 30 July 2012

Flying a Kite 30 July 2012

Unwittingly the RSPB at vast expense but with all good intentions have established a temporary feeding station for Red Kites at Otmoor. It is operational during the Spring and early summer months and specifically designed to provide a round the clock supply of Lapwing chicks for the local kites with supplemental feeding of Redshank chicks if no Lapwings are available. Doubtless DEFRA will soon be called in to control the kites which are becoming increasingly emboldened, show no fear and according to local media have been flying off not only with Lapwing chicks but when the Lapwing chicks run out will soon be doing the same with small children especially those clutching cheese and pickle sandwiches. We are in such a mess with our good intentions. No sooner do we try and create a solution to one problem than that very solution creates other unforeseen problems and so it goes on.

Still support the RSPB. Although they do daft things at times the good they do in protecting our birds far outweighs anything else and without them we would not have nearly so many good places to go birding and incidentally also to watch dragonflies, butterflies and assorted wildlife

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