Tuesday 23 November 2021

Red Kites 23rd November 2021

Following my visit to Weymouth to see a Little Auk yesterday I felt the need to go somewhere that was quieter and less frenetic.Somewhere to be on my own and not in a busy crowded place.

Fortunately there is such a place near my home and this afternoon, in glorious sunshine I went to watch the Red Kites that gather every afternoon, waiting to be fed by a kind person who puts out food for them every day.

It is a little known area of woods and fields, unpublicised and consequently I am always on my own. Just me and the kites on a rural road betwixt and between.

When the world seems unbearable I find solace in this quiet place watching the kites circling, endlessly circling, diving and swooping in an  aerial ballet, forever graceful, their insistent whistling ringing through the cold air

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