Saturday 21 June 2014

Sussex In brief 21st June 2014

Saturday. Four am. Beat the birds. Audi to Oxford. Meet Andy. Five am. We drive to Sussex. Ashdown Forest. Gills Lap. Winnie the Pooh. A.A. Milne country. Seven am. Many birders. Many cars. Bare legs. Stand in bracken. Side of ridge. An hour passes. Sun. Heat. Eagle arrives. Perches in pine. Distant. Looks around. Very pale. Yellow eyes. It flies. Huge. Lands in another pine. Then another. Starts hunting. Hangs in wind. Great height. Legs dangle. Drops like a stone. Rises with a snake. Eats snake in flight. Catches another snake. Eats that on the wing. Yet another snake. Eats that too. Three snakes. 1130am. I feel hungry. We leave. Sun now hot. Scenery glorious. Summer's day. Short drive to Duddleswell. Duddleswell Tea Rooms. Awesome. Lawn. Table. Cream Tea. Memorable. Finest yet. Scones both fruit and plain. Jam. Cream. Tea. Pot of Earl Grey. Replete in sunshine. Stay all day? Can't. Great day ends. Motorway hell. Enough said.

We ate this

Cream Tea

We saw this

Short toed Eagle

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