Saturday 22 September 2012

Admirals and Apples 22 September 2012

At this time of year as everything drifts inexorably towards shorter days and colder nights the occasional sunny day attracts a last fling from butterflies, especially Red Admirals. We live up a private, unmade drive and our neighbour at the end of the drive has an apple tree. The apples are allowed to fall and are either crushed by visiting vehicles or are partially eaten by Blackbirds. The crushed apples in particular attract Red Admirals which find nutrients in the over ripe and crushed flesh of the apples. Today there were three or four Red Admirals feeding on the fallen fruit in the sun. Red Admirals are magnificent butterflies, especially in a pristine state.Thankfully they are still relatively common around here and I always welcome them to our garden, mainly at this time of year. There is a poignancy in their presence as it signals the end of summer and  the onset of autumn and those Red Admirals that survive will soon be seeking warmer climes or a dark sheltered place in which to hibernate through the long winter months.

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