Sunday 12 March 2023

Homecoming 10th March 2023

Loch Sunart

Lochanside is a much loved and well known Highland bagpipe tune played by pipe bands the world over.

The words that accompany it have a resonance for all Scots, especially the last verse, for those of us scattered far and wide and who miss our spiritual home.


Come the winter cold and dreary

Brings the hawk doon frae the high scree

To the whin where snowy hares hide

All aroond the Lochanside

Come the spring the land lies weary

Till the sun shines oot sae cheery

Brings the bloom, for a' o June's pride

All aroond the Lochanside

If ye'd been ye'd have seen the scatter

A peezie

O the peezies o'er the machair

When aboon the tawny ool glides

All aroond the Lochanside

And the heron he comes a-creeping

Through the rashes sae green and dreeping

To the pool whaur wily troot slide

All aroond the Lochanside

Aye if you ever hae a reason

To be here in ony season

Come and try the barley bree in

Roond the fire on Lochanside

Summer time - the fish are louping

Dippers in the burnies couping

Swallows flee frae dawn til e'entide

All aroond the Lochanside

By the autumn the pinks are winging

Blaeberries oe'r the moors are hinging

Salmon a through the surging spate fight

All aroond the Lochanside

Aye if you ever hae a notion

To be welcomed wi devotion

Travel home o'er ony ocean

To be here on Lochanside

Crest of The Seaforth Highlanders

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