Tuesday 5 January 2021

Best of British Birds 5th January 2021

Frustrated, bored, sick to the back teeth of a bunch of nodding donkeys led by an arrogant liar that masquerade as a Government and whose only quality I can recognise is one of ineptness, I now find myself as good as under a benign form of house arrest.

To while away the time I have decided to indulge myself and post a review of some of my favourite photographs taken over the preceding ten years, which is when I first acquired a camera. I should add that I regard myself as primarily a birder and any attempt at photography comes very much secondary to that. As such, some of my photos would not pass muster but I like them, especially the idiosynchratic ones, and do hope you will too.

My blog site arose from something entirely different, where I began to write up various twitches I had been on and the camera provided a useful resource to illustrate each tale. The trips were recorded as Word documents and it was only a casual conversation with my good friend Badger that prompted me to start a blog in February 2011.

Badger patiently guided me through the process which has resulted in the blog as it is today. I only ever intended it to be an illustrated personal diary of my thoughts and various experiences with birds both local, more distant and overseas. As with any diary the great personal pleasure is to be able to look back on various trips I have written about and in the process almost relive them. In doing so it is also remarkable to discover how one's memory can deceive, as on looking back I find what I always considered to be the facts very often transpire to be entirely different.

Even more surprising, humbling and gratifying, is that as the years have passed since commencing my blog, so many people have taken to reading it. I never considered this but am delighted if it can bring pleasure to those who do. Never comfortable with the limelight I try not to overtly publicise my blog but prefer the way it has grown, by word of mouth. Having worked in commerce and run my own company I know that word of mouth is the highest recommendation one can receive.

I am sure I could amass a larger number of followers if I put my mind to it but that is not my wish and so I will leave it there but not before thanking each and every one of you that read my blog and continue to do so.

Hopefully we will all finally come out of this awful current situation and life will slowly get back to be more bearable. We can but hope.

My best wishes to you all for the coming year and I hope you enjoy the images below..

Baird's Sandpiper Cuckmere East Sussex September 2017

Red necked Phalarope Farmoor Reservoir Oxfordshire September 2017

Parrot Crossbill Wishmoor Bottom Berkshire November 2017

Black Guillemot Eastbourne East Sussex December 2017

Barred Warbler Titchfield Haven Hampshire December 2017

Hume's Leaf Warbler Waxham Norfolk January 2018

Hawfinch Forest of Dean Gloucestershire January 2018

Hawfinch Romsey Hampshire February 2018

Black Redstart Leighton Buzzard Bedfordshire February 2018

Fieldfare Kingham Oxfordshire March 2018

Ross's Gull Weymouth Dorset February 2018

Water Rail Farmoor Reservoir Oxfordshire March 2019

Black Grouse Berwyn Mountains Wales April 2018

Eastern Crowned Warbler Bempton Yorkshire October 2016

Razorbill Isle of May Scotland May 2017

Puffins Farne Islands Northumberland June 2019

Sanderlings Farmoor Reservoir Oxfordshire August 2018

Wilson's Warbler Lewis Outer Hebrides Scotland October 2015

Harlequin Duck Bridge of Don Aberdeen January 2015

Spotted Crake Gibralter Point Lincolnshire August 2018

Common Snipe Slimbridge Gloucestershire August 2018

Bittern Calvert Buckinghamshire March 2017

Sooty Shearwater Isles of Scilly Cornwall August 2018

Great Shearwater Isles of Scilly Cornwall August 2018

Wryneck Bempton Yorkshire September 2018

Grey Phalarope Charlecote Park Warwickshire September 2018

Isabelline Shrike Thurlestone Devon October 2018

Water Rail Farmoor Reservoir Oxfordshire November 2018

Great Northern Diver Pangbourne Berkshire December 2017

Common Crossbill Forest of Dean Gloucestershire January 2017

Snow Bunting Littlehampton West Sussex January 2019

Kingfisher Farmoor Reservoir Oxfordshire March 2019

Northern Shoveler Weymouth Dorset March 2019

Lesser Yellowlegs Weymouth Dorset February 2019

Long tailed Duck Lerwick Shetland February 2019

Iceland Gull Lerwick Shetland February 2019

Mediterranean Gull Hayling Island Hampshire March 2020

Ring necked Duck Weymouth Dorset March 2019

Eurasian Teal Weymouth Dorset March 2019

Red spotted Bluethroat Unst Shetland October 2017

Great Northern Diver Isle of Arran Scotland May 2019

Gannet Hermaness Unst Shetland July 2019

Great Skua Lerwick Shetland July 2019

Sandwich Tern Ferrybridge Dorset July 2019

Kingfishers Farmoor Reservoir Oxfordshire August 2019

Little Stint Farmoor Reservoir Oxfordshire September 2019

Yellow browed Warbler Unst Shetland October 2019

Kingfisher Farmoor Reservoir Oxfordshire October 2019

Spotted Crake Isles of Scilly Cornwall October 2019

Blue winged Teal Isles of Scilly Cornwall October 2019

Hermit Thrush Isles of Scilly Cornwall November 2019

Arctic Redpoll Aldeburgh Suffolk December 2012

Crested Tit Loch Garten Scotland March 2015

Black throated Thrush Whipsnade Bedfordshire January 2020

Ivory Gull Patrington Haven Yorkshire December 2013

Eastern Black Redstart Skinningrove Cleveland March 2017

Grey Phalarope Charlecote Park Warwickshire October 2018

European Swallow Farmoor Reservoir May 2013

Common Goldeneye Farmoor Reservoir Oxfordshire January 2020

Eastern Black-eared Wheatear Pilling Lancashire September 2019

Rufous tailed Rock Thrush Brecon Beacons Wales October 2017

Red breasted Merganser Isle of Arran Scotland December 2019

Little Bunting Cardiff Wales February 2015

Knot Farmoor Reservoir Oxfordshire August 2018

Wilson's Warbler Lewis Outer Hebrides Scotland October 2015

Common Redstart Thursley Common Surrey June 2018

Lapwing Slimbridge Gloucestershire August 2018

Black necked Grebe Farmoor Reservoir May 2018

Parrot Crossbill Lerwick Shetland October 2017


  1. Wow, some absolutely stunning photos in that selection Ewan. Hope you're well and look forward to catching up sometime

    1. Hi Sladey
      All good so far.Yes it would be nice to catch up when this covid nightmare is over.
      Hope you and the family are well and safe

  2. Lovely photos Ewan. You were a stone's throw away from us in December 2017.

    1. How nice to hear from you Erica.Its been so many years since we left Ditchling but I still miss it and all our friends there.I do hope Malcolm is well and my very best wishes to you both.Take care and stay safe