Thursday, 4 May 2017

It only takes one 3rd May 2017

An invitation to visit a private site in the Forest of Dean to photograph Hawfinches, my very favourite finch, came to fruition today and found me ensconced in a portable hide beneath a stand of Beech trees in a glade whose leafy floor was lit with patches of sunlight filtering through the bright green canopy.

The first hour I saw a Jay being mobbed by a Song Thrush and a Blackbird, a female Chaffinch and two Grey Squirrels.That was it.

The second hour was pretty much the same with the addition of a Robin. Oh dear.

The third hour two Chaffinches, two Robins and two Song Thrushes plus the Grey Squirrels was the sum of it ............................

And then, finally, almost when the third hour was up, at 1055, this!

Another four hours passed with not another Hawfinch to show for it but it only takes one !

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