Monday 26 May 2014

Top Geezer 26th May 2014

Paul Wren (Wreny), well known Oxonbirder and a twitching buddy is raising money for a very worthy cause and I would appeal to you to sponsor him. It would mean a lot and I have printed below an email from Paul explaining what he is doing and why

The fact he found a mega for Oxfordshire, a singing Wood Warbler, whilst resting under a tree in the Cotswolds on a training ride enabled many of us to get it onto our county list. If any of you went to see it and have not yet donated to his forthcoming epic bike ride now is the chance to show your appreciation and give some money to a really worthy cause.

Here is Paul's email

Hi Everyone

On June 1st I'll be starting a cycle ride from Lands End to Skaw in the Shetland Islands. It will be approximately 1200 miles and will hopefully take 16 days.
I'm  supporting The Stroke Support Unit at the John Radcliffe and The Oxford Centre for Enablement where people go to learn how to walk/talk etc after suffering a stroke. If anyone is interested in sponsoring me please go to  to donate.

Many thanks
Paul Wren (Wreny)


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